About MAP

MAP has been working for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees for over 30 years. From our regional offices in the Palestinian cities of Ramallah, East Jerusalem and Gaza City, and Beirut in Lebanon, MAP works with local partners to address a variety of health care issues, including primary healthcare, maternal and child health, psychosocial support, disability and emergency response. And in times of humanitarian crisis we are ready to respond quickly with aid and assistance.


Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) is responding to the emergency across occupied Palestine right now. Our teams in Gaza and the West Bank are working with local health partners to ensure that Palestinians get the medical aid they need during this critical time. We need your support.


MAP’s vision is a future where all Palestinians can access an effective, sustainable and locally-led system of healthcare and the full realisation of their right to health and dignity.


Registered charity number 10445315

Website: https://www.map.org.uk/

Telephone: 020 7226 4114


Credit: Medical Aid for Palestinians